being outrageous

i saw this quote by a woman called matilda on my friend’s twitter page.

‘ be outrageous. go the whole hog. make sure everything you do is so crazy it’s unbelievable’

i guess that would warrant doing something other than studying all day (not that i do much of it). i’m still figuring out why over these few months facebook has been overwhelmingly spammed with pictures of people on their travels. sometimes i wonder why im not that person instead. apart from going on exchange, which i think i have hardly the money for, i could go on a short trip. but noone wants to go on a short trip with me. not yet anyway.

theres a trip to kl coming up on one of the exchange student pages. i really want to go for that. but i really need to find someone to go with me. maybe if i just work up the guts to ask someone…hanging out with a bunch of people who don’t share the same interests is a bit hard for me, but i think i’ll find my way with a little bit of gods help. i’ll need a whole lot of luck next week.


i find my inspi…

i find my inspiration sometimes from the blogs that i read from other people. i follow their typography. sometimes small, neat little sentences lacking capitals worm their way into my heart (for lack of a better word – penetrate? too dirty. feel? too sentimental. i am no dictionary) and i end up trying to copy a small part of their writing style, and wishing that i, too, was as eloquent as them. 

wordpress seems to have a lot of problems loading and i think i need a new template. for reasons which i cannot ever begin to explain, wordpress is awfully difficult to access. its pages either load too slowly or the mere typing of its url in the search bar doesnt render me anything but a page with a warning saying…i don’t even remember what it says.

i sent my friend off at the airport today. she was going to sweden, a country which i know nothing about. its like sweden and switzerland are but one and the same just because some idiotic part of my brain decides that they sound practically similar and so they both must be countries with beautiful mountains and cold weather, which i think, is actually true. i think. that is also why, i think, i cannot differentiate between dhoby ghaut and buona vista sometimes. they sound so foreign to me, and foreign things make my head ache.

i blog because i am still awake. i guess i need to either sleep or find something else to do with my time.