being outrageous

i saw this quote by a woman called matilda on my friend’s twitter page.

‘ be outrageous. go the whole hog. make sure everything you do is so crazy it’s unbelievable’

i guess that would warrant doing something other than studying all day (not that i do much of it). i’m still figuring out why over these few months facebook has been overwhelmingly spammed with pictures of people on their travels. sometimes i wonder why im not that person instead. apart from going on exchange, which i think i have hardly the money for, i could go on a short trip. but noone wants to go on a short trip with me. not yet anyway.

theres a trip to kl coming up on one of the exchange student pages. i really want to go for that. but i really need to find someone to go with me. maybe if i just work up the guts to ask someone…hanging out with a bunch of people who don’t share the same interests is a bit hard for me, but i think i’ll find my way with a little bit of gods help. i’ll need a whole lot of luck next week.


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