Every time I go home my mum acts like an angsty bitch. Dad too, gets affected by mum’s temperaments. They think that I am treating my house like a hotel, only coming home because of the air-conditioning and only because I am, somehow obligated to.

Well, sure. That is because we live SO DAMN FAR from school.

Maybe being away from home for so long has made me impatient.

I do not feel at home in my home anymore.

I come back only to be pressurised and burdened. I hear complaints about financial problems, my brother deviating into something that is not related to engineering, issues with my grandmother, and me being an ungrateful child because I only am home for a night.

On the one hand I just want to concentrate on school and be peacefully happy enjoying my youth. On the other hand, I hear of all these problems at home and I feel troubled and sad.

Then we all get into an argument after which I feel really bad because I treated my parents like crap.

After all, they are trying to do their best for me 😦


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