It is kind of a funny story

I tried washing my clothes in school for the first time today.

The first major mistake was putting in too much detergent. A huge basket of clothes would only require a quarter of a cup of detergent, but I was washing about 12 pieces of underwear with three quarters of a cup.

The washing stage was okay. 33 minutes on the clock and my undies were happily tumbling around in the washing machine. 30 minutes later it was in the rinsing stage and I came back only to find the entire circular glass window covered in white foam. I could not see through it at all. At this point I was feeling pretty frantic and because I knew that Google might help me alleviate my fears, I googled ” What to do if I put too much detergent in the washing machine?”

The results were not comforting at all – “machine damage can occur”, “build up and clog vital components”, “growth of mold, mildew and bacteria”. At this stage, I was totally expecting the machine to blow up in my face, sending me hurtling to my soapy death.

I kept checking the washing machine every 10 minutes. The other students doing laundry kept staring at my washing machine too! It was so embarrassing.

What was supposed to take 33 minutes took about an hour. When it stopped I hurriedly opened the door, gathered all the underwear, threw it into my pail and ran away laughing sheepishly while the guy next to me stared incredulously at the lump of foam stuck on the open door dripping slowly onto the floor.


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