What a fantastic run.

It would be quite a waste if I did not attempt to run in school at least once. Amazingly I did not find myself lost in the forest or raped by a bear given that NUS is quite creepy at night if you were to run by yourself.

My last night run was at Bedok Reservoir and I remember how disturbing it was to hear frogs mating all the way. I am glad that there are no noisy frogs or grasshoppers in NUS.

I am actually really happy that my horrible directional skills brought me one round around the whole of NUS given that I had absolutely no clue of my route before starting. It looks quite intimidating on the school map and I think I was anxious quite a fair bit. Was spam drinking Blackcurrent H-TWO-O to give me energy for it.

I reckon I was just spontaneously running in any random direction but thank goodness I made it back to PGP safe. At one point though I saw this really dark man walking from the multi-purpose sports hall. I could not see his face at all in the darkness so I think it was the right choice to sprint away really quickly.


Funny how I was pretty much the only girl running even though it was only about 11pm. Ran to NUH, and then got stuck at a traffic junction, so I had to run back again (that explains the crazy red lines on the right).

Also, NUS has the most horrible slopes which is perfect for strength work but I need more cardio. There must have been about 10,000 slopes and I absolutely died going up every one of them.

Another obstacle were the few couples making out at the side of the road. It was a bit awkward because they were sitting on the path that I wanted to run across but I did not want to run on the road in case there were cars.  I ended up doing the nice thing and running on the road (risking my life in the process!!!) although I reckon it would be pretty fun to run straight and barrel into them heheeee 🙂

Waiting at the traffic lights was another awkward situation because I was jogging on the spot and the motorcyclists and drivers, because they had nothing to do I suppose, were just watching me.

I really like these type of runs. It really helps me to clear my head and de-stress for a bit. Well worth it!

5.46KM complete!

My pre-run narcissistic happy pictures.



Gawd my mirror is dirty.

I look absolutely horrendous when I work out/ post work out with my hair flying all over the place and my body covered with sweat. How do some people still look so gorgeous, I cannot fathom.



Food For Thought at the Botanical Gardens has really nice food.  I like the Machiatto I ordered. I made a mistake placing my order though. On the menu it says white latte, cappachino, machiatto (3 drinks separated by commas) but I actually thought they were all one drink so I actually said ” Can I have a white latte cappachino machiatto??”. HAHA hilarious.


The garlic mushrooms, Ciabatta and Sunny side up eggs are quite lovely too, although the Chocolate and Raspberry Pancakes are too sweet for my liking.



It is like how so many people love Macaroons (basically sugar coated mini burgers) but I ate some the other day and I thought I was going to die from diabetes.


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