locked out of my room

The good thing about living in school away from my parents is that I get some sort of independence. But when something bad happens, (such as when I got locked out today), there is no one to help me but myself. I thought I was going to be extra productive, going to the study room early to study, then bringing my laundry out to wash. But the stupid part of me decided that it would be okay to not lock my room since I was just going down to the laundry room for a bit. And since I did not lock my room, I did not even know that my key was not with me.

My carelessness is abominable.

When I found out, I was stuck at B1, which was where the laundry room was. How could I get up to the 4th floor without my transponder/key? I decided to climb up through the fire escape, praying as I climbed that the door out of the fire escape place would be open. It was! And then I waited in front of my gates sweating and panicking on Twitter and Text for what seemed like eternity while wishing some one would come and save me.

Absolutely NO ONE came out of their rooms. I thought people would. Every time I come out of my room I would meet someone going to the toilet or kitchen. Murphy’s law huh? But eventually, the couple who stays next to me (who I hate because the guy stays in her room like 24/7. I don’t know why. Every time I see his black slippers outside of her door, I am full of hate), came up after their lunch break.

Did not tell them that I was locked out though. Just casually went in after them like I was not relieved as hell.

Before that I even asked a girl from the opposite end to try her key on my gate. Didn’t work. Did not want to go all the way to ask the security guard for help too because he looked grouchy and I did NOT want to get blacklisted because then he would know that I had violated too many rules. First thing, I was not supposed to leave my door unlocked and second, I was not supposed to climb up using the fire escape.

He just told a couple of international students to put their legs down from the table they were resting it on. After he left, everyone put their feet back up again.

3 things I learned today:

1) NEVER, EVER, EVER leave my room without my transponder.

2) PRCs are actually quite nice people.

3) Waffles with cheese, mayo and seaweed chicken tastes so damn delicious.

My friend asked me if I had lost weight yesterday. In my head I was like “omg gurlfrennn I lost it like a million years ago”. Maybe there wasn’t any drastic difference between me then and now. Just certain things I myself notice. Like not being able to wear 90% of my shorts because they all fell off.

But I was still happy nonetheless 🙂


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