How I used to be

I used to treat going to gigs and meeting celebrities my priority and through those gigs I made quite a couple of friends – people that have the same music interests as me, that were into partying and talking to strangers and making friends.

My friends in University never understand that. They do not understand why I spent my time  sometimes waking up at 5 or 6, just to get to the airport to see some of my favourite artistes. They do not understand why I would spend money just to go out of my way to see singers sing live. I do admit, from a practical standpoint, it seems kind of ridiculous and a waste of money, but it taught me a lot. And I definitely appreciate being with people that were able to connect with me on a different level, to share and talk about things that were not related to studies.

As I grow older, I find myself being more practical. It is not about being more mature, but a case of shifting priorities. Sure I’d go to a good gig, but at the present moment, I often ask myself what would be the best choice, what would be the best decision that would enable me to maximise my resources and not be a leech on society?

Definitely going to gigs, screaming or do any of those fangirly stuff I used to do would not constitute as being ‘the best decision’ in some sense. There is some merit in the fangirly stuff though I suppose, because my gig friends that I used to be close to, have started up a successful wordpress blog detailing media events, interviewing celebrities and such. The group is made out of business graduates, communications graduates and people just genuinely interested in music. Seems like all the money spent was worth it because now they get media passes to interview famous celebrities and do what they are passionate about.

As a writer for a blog myself, I have been given media passes to attend movie previews, interview celebrities, and to cover events that I am really interested in. But due to internship  and school priorities, that has to take a backseat. It is quite depressing to be missing out on all this opportunities given that I only have a year left in this, but I do try my best.

Another problem I find is that my major is absolutely not related to the entertainment industry at all and it is difficult to tie in some of my experiences as a writer with my degree. I always feel that there is some great demarcation between both, and I end up having to do twice as much work because I am handling things on two different ends.

At present moment, there seems to be a multitude of things I have to do and I am trying to figure out how to do them in the best way without compromising anything.


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