We are all machines here

We are all made to be machines, working endlessly to produce. Before we start work, we are being trained for work, and although we are given opportunities for recreation and self-development, the ultimate purpose of schooling is still to ensure optimum production for bureaucratic institutions, and we are constantly trapped in a rat race.

We are governed by money because without it we are disregarded, seen as ‘unfit’ by society. The time we have after work is insufficient to actively pursue our own interests,for if I have to sleep at 1030pm every night for me to not feel like death the day after, I only have 3.5 hours for leisure or my own work. What can I do with that?

It has made me think more deeply about what I am actually interested in doing as a job. It cannot be this way where my job is separated from my interests because if this is so, there will never be enough time for myself. Instead, both must be intertwined. Work should not be regarded as a chore but as an interest.

But even then, how is this to be accomplished?


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