Getting sick because of the erratic weather and dad just tried to force me to wear his stone medallion thing which he claims has healing powers. I do not believe a stone will determine my state of health, so nope, not wearing that.

Recently I have put my MPH vouchers to good use and bought two self-help books for myself. The first “The 7 habits of highly effective people” by Stephen Covey and the second “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie, partly because they were in fact widely acclaimed and also because I thought it was something I wanted to learn.

I have also been reading “Catcher in the Rye” but have found it slightly difficult to continue. A few years back I think I would be more interested or appreciative of this book, but now it just seems pointless to me because I feel I am not learning anything from it. Also there is too much whining and complaining in just the first part.

The past few days I found myself to be surrounded by amazing people. They have always been there but I feel more deeply now how much of an inspiration they are to me. I have a friend who lost her father a couple of years back. She also had trouble with her ex-boyfriend whom she really loved and because of that, plus her father’s death, got really sick. And yet, every time I see her, she is beaming, smiling and cracking jokes, even though I know how much she hurts inside. Despite everything, she is willing to help and talk to me, whatever problems I have, disregarding her own.

I strive to be like her.

Fitness wise I have been doing well so far,  because MY ABS ARE BACK. At least my upper abs hahahaha. I am trying to get more definition in the lower abs but I really need to lose all that fat first.

Frankly 3 hours after work is not time enough to workout, cook, eat and read. I have therefore been slow on reading the 7 habits. However I do feel that there is some benefit to this because I am just reading a few portions at a time, and I might be able to absorb and internalise the information more this way.

The first habit is to be PROACTIVE. I have been repeating this everyday at work, trying to understand and internalise it as best as I can. I have always believed that I had the ability to control my own circumstance even before I read the book. On the one hand, if one is to blame society for a certain outcome, then one would inevitably be governed by what one cannot control. On the other hand, if we know that the result of a situation is determined by our actions, then despite the results being good or bad, we recognise that we have the ability to control the outcome, to shape the circumstance and to enable ourselves to achieve better results the next time.

It feels good to know that I am able to control my future, or at least control how I react to it. Because at the end of day, mindset is the most important thing. Friends may diss me, I may be disappointed, and everything may seem bleak but, as long as I convert the experience into a lesson then it isn’t so bad.

I have also been consciously trying to correct my behaviour.

1. Do not be obnoxious.

I find that whenever I talk to people I get obnoxious, especially if I am happy. Bad.

It is always good to be humble.

2. Listen

I blame this on my poor memory. If I have something interesting to say, I find that I cut people off to say my piece because I am afraid I will forget it. Bad.

Who cares? THEY are more important. So I should listen.

Also, there are only a few people that I am comfortable not saying anything to, to feel at peace during periods of silence. Especially with people I do not know well, I find myself often trying to fill the silence when I have nothing to say.

Instead, I should just let it be.


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