Funny how moments are fleeting and happiness is transitory.

We can never be in a state of constant happiness, but rather, we have to trigger happy feelings by engaging in certain activities over and over again, by thinking of someone over and over again, by feeling and re-imagining, proactively doing something, or seeing someone, to be happy.

There will always be moments of sadness, as fleeting as happiness, but there never can be a situation in which we are constantly happy, with no room for any feelings of disappointment  or despair.

We need to feel sad in order to be happy.

And we need to do things to be happy.

I find that I am doing so much at the moment in terms of internship and extra curriculars, in terms of personal growth and enrichment.

A year from now, or even in a few months, I would not even remember this feeling of happiness, of doing these things, of satisfaction of getting things done, of achieving things. I will always seek something more or something similar to be happy.

It is a pity that we cannot do just one activity to be in a state of perpetual happiness. Instead, it is a constant battle to find something engaging, challenging, exciting to do, or to find situations in which one can be at peace. For one can be happy in many different situations.

We just have to go out there and find it.


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