amongst other things

It is with great will that I managed to switch off my computer despite all the youtube videos and chick flicks calling out to me. I am always tempted to watch films until the wee hours of the morning and regret it the next day. My mind is unable to look at longer term benefits as opposed to short term ones, but I try. I try really hard.

Free food seems to be my weakness though. I say free food because food with a price is easier to stay away from but free food just means that I can take whatever the hell I want without having to pay. Typical Singaporean. It is difficult really but you know, long term long term goals. I shall make this my mantra to train myself to reject all the short term distractions.

Dad keeps wanting to get me married off or something. Like he drops all these hints, asking me if my friends have boyfriends and such and saying they have a good life. I think none of this should be his beeswax though because you know the one thing that I really hate is people nosing in on my life and questioning every single thing I do. I guess if I had to describe my dad in a word it would be ‘overprotective’. Plus he’s pretty traditional. What a horrible combination.


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