The last day of internship

I felt extremely sad when I cleared up my table, deleted all the files in my computer, all my emails, emptied the trash and shredded all my documents. It was a physical erasure of all that I had done in the past 9 weeks and I felt that 9 weeks was too short a time to be leaving already.

I would have to let go of all these people whom I have been close to, who I have been seeing  for 8.5 hours every single day. I thought of all my old friends who have left me and who I have left, those people I shared fond memories with, those people that I was once close to, but because of circumstance, and the many years that pass, when if we were to ever meet again, would be just a stranger. Do they not remember what they once shared with you?

It is an incredibly sad feeling.

They gave us gifts and stood up, waving, watching us leave. And my heart broke.


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