Philosophy on the MRT

I was talking to my friend about philosophy related issues today. On conditional versus unconditional love (he thinks conditional love is better), that there is no true form of altruism, because everyone is inherently selfish, and altruistic people are actually, not that altruistic. Some say they do it because they are happy to see other people happy. But is not wanting to see other people happy merely a reflection of your own desire to be happy? You gain happiness from other people’s happiness and therefore, you are doing it for yourself.

We also discussed the notion of death and how he feels that he is an egoistic hedonist. We discussed about how there need not be religion to be morality. How the only thing we can do now is to live our lives the best way we can since death is pretty much insignificant. What is there to fear?

I also learned some memory techniques.

When reading a passage

1. Read it quickly and skim through, highlighting  the main points only

2. Read the highlighted main points only and ignore the rest

3. Write notes at the side of the main points

– The important thing is not the notes that you make, but rather the process of writing them down.

He also taught me how to memorise

1. Do not write any notes in class. Instead, concentrate on what the teacher /lecturer/professor is wearing and how he/she talks. Remember that and think of your own example.

2. Remember your own example and discard the memory of what the professor is wearing and how he/she talks.

Also, nothing but an A is a huge fail.

Really interesting stuff. Now I just wish I was more articulate or intelligent to be able to learn more about this world.


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