The people around me seem to get nicer as I get older. I am never one to hate, and have never really hated anyone, except this boy Jonathan who I used to know. But that will be another story altogether.

I do not know if it is the people getting nicer or that I am becoming nicer. Maybe I have become nicer and therefore attract nicer people too. Nevertheless, I am really glad because I feel really happy with the people around me. I do not see any judgement and I do not feel left out. And because of this, I am more confident in myself. I do not fear.

Well, actually I do fear one thing. I have been experiencing an ache in my left cheek when I open my mouth. I went to the dentist just now and he told me to go on a soft diet and to wait it out, so hopefully it gets better. Hopefully it isn’t my wisdom tooth because I am afraid to get it extracted. I have all my teeth, no extractions yet and I know I should not be keeping them all, but ugh I just wish this pain will go away. Please please let it be TMJ and not my wisdom tooth.

I also noticed that people kept smiling at me after I came back from Thailand and being really friendly. Is it because of my tan? Some of my friends say I look more golden.

Or because I kept grinning for no reason. I was really happy. I don’t know why. But I guess that’s good.


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