My mother still does not like my tan

I am getting used to my tan.

Honestly, I am not as dark as when I first came back and my shoulders have stopped peeling THANK GOODNESS.  All hail Body Shop Body Butter. Now I can wear sleeveless shirts again without fearing that people might think I have a skin disease.

But if I actually had a skin disease, would that stop me from wearing sleeveless shirts?

One must learn to get rid of one’s vanity sometimes. A stranger’s stare should not be worth anything as compared to your own confidence. But It is a bit hard since I am such a self-conscious individual.

I was watching Bondi Rescue all through this morning. A guy got his arm mauled by a shark and the doctors couldn’t patch it back up. How will his life change? How does he feel now? It seems so distant to me, since I am watching it on TV. But freak accidents happen all the time.

What if it happened to you? What would you do? How would you feel?


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