taking a break

Life has pretty much been good. I feel kind of overwhelmed though, with work. But in the midst of that, I feel too many things. I feel that my sense of obnoxiousness is creeping back. 

Whenever I feel that life is great, I get obnoxious. And when I get obnoxious I hate myself. Also, I am easily distracted by things, especially people. These wonderful creatures with a mind of their own. I wish I could read minds. That would be quite fun. Then I’d know what they are thinking of me, and whether good people really have good thoughts, or are all just bitches in secret.

I have decided to take a 5 day hiatus from Facebook and Twitter. Today is the first night and it’s been terribly hard but I am sure I am able to pull through. The only concern is that someone might invite me to a totally awesome concert or event and I missed it just because I didn’t check Facebook. Well, who are they to expect ME to be on social media 24/7? Social media is the killer of all brilliant minds. 

Well maybe not. But I feel mine start to weather away as I keep refreshing the same page over and over again expecting new news. 

I hope this will be a perfect, fuss free, awesome five days where I complete all my assignments, work and am able to catch up on my studies. 


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