new things to learn maybe

the event i have been organising for the past couple of months is finally over, notwithstanding the post event report which i cannot be bothered to do at the moment, seeing that i still have shitloads of schoolwork to catch up with and my dissertation, which i sadly haven’t started on yet.

i shall put myself on a facebook embargo until i get all this work completed. i think it would be a good choice.

i also fully agree on this article i read about singapore’s horrible dating scene and how people are not getting married and stuff. well obviously. look at the amount of pressure you put on your citizens.

if the people do not have the luxury to have fun, there will be less dating. less dating equates to less marriages. well, the link isn’t so clearly drawn out but you get my drift.

one of the humongous pressures in life comes from school, because how you do in school equates how you will fare later on in life. if one is not smart enough, and one is average (like me for instance), one will no doubt find oneself struggling with all the school work one has to do. if i am having fun, it is because i chose to neglect my studies.

one just cannot have both things at once – fun and good grades. it is such a tremendous struggle.

and i hear my dad keep complaining about money and how much he wants to go travelling. look at the situation we are living in. singaporeans have absolutely NO TIME or resources to have fun because we spend our entire lives worrying about the next paycheck, or in my dad’s case, how to keep me at home.

i know dad just wants to spend as much time as he can with me but sometimes he needs to know that he has to let me go.  at the same time, he is old and yes i understand that he is trying desperately to hang on to whatever that’s left of his kid.

but, i am just at that age where mollycoddling doesn’t work anymore.

i think my rebelliousness came a bit too late (seeing that i was so much of an angel for the past oh? like 20 years of my life?)


Things to learn/achieve

1) Do my assignments on time AND settle everything that is school related

2) Improve my french – at least basic proficiency

3) Increase my knowledge in various subjects

4) Improve my mandarin


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