how does one deal with anger?

we all get angry sometimes.

i find myself exceptionally sensitive when it comes to the criticisms of my parents. i know they love me, but i feel i cannot tell them anything because all they do is disagree.

that is why i do not share the details of my personal life with my parents, and when i do, i cater it to their expectations. a ‘he’ becomes a ‘she’, hanging out with a boy becomes hanging out with a group of friends. oh, went out with my friends to eat, i did not go out biking the day after i was sick….this is because they will never understand and they will never accept my life as it is.  i cannot even tell them i lost weight because all my mum says is that, nope, don’t buy new shorts, you’re going to get fat again anyway. 

it is so hard to get approval. not that i need any. but, it would be nice if my parents supported what i was doing.

i ask myself, how do i deal with this anger? how do i shape myself so that i am less affected by external circumstance. would it be true that as long as i receive validation from myself and am comfortable with myself, i cannot feel upset?

i do not really deal with anger. i just wait it out, and maybe one day i will forget how i feel right now. maybe tomorrow i will be less upset. 

i just want to find a quick sure-fire way to get rid of this feeling.


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