Dear Europe, when will I be able to see you again?


It has been 6 years since I was in Europe. It was a short 10 days but I still remember it being one of the best times of my life.

I knew then that I might possibly never have a chance to return, but somewhere deep inside of me, I convinced myself that I had the ability to scrape together enough money to go again. I do not think that is a far off dream, once I start working of course.

The only problem with this vision, is that instead of patiently waiting until I get enough money (via working), I have the urge to go now. I want to go when I am young, and free from all the possible worries and burdens of work, of deadlines, competition or politics.

I want to fully enjoy the beautiful architecture, the fields, the greenery, the culture and people. I want to travel around and see the wonders of the world with absolutely nothing at the back of my mind. It is hard to do that when you are working because when you go on a holiday, all you can think about is the pile of work that is endlessly accumulating back home. And thus, how are you able to enjoy yourself?

I wonder if I am able to scrape together enough money to go on a short holiday in December. Or should I just give up and take up a random job instead to save up for my graduation trip (which might not even come true).

I have been trying to live vicariously through all the international student friends I have made, and that has at least managed to satisfy my thirst for travel in some way. But it is always good to experience another country and soak it in first hand than merely through stories.

So dear Europe, when will I be able to see you again?


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