Today wasn’t a very good day. I missed my tutorial in the morning. My Professor thankfully didn’t mind, but I felt upset nonetheless. It would have been okay if I actually spent the day at home productively. But now it is 9.47pm and I am here blogging instead of doing my work!

I am also feeling shitty from the lack of exercise.

These are the promises  that I will make to myself.

1. No Facebook the whole of next week until I complete my work

2. Get out of the house if you cannot study at home!! Do it in school!

Get your shit together Stephanie. You need to this. You have to. Get your work right.

Also I have been getting pretty close with a bunch of guys from school and I genuinely like hanging out with them.  But you know, one shouldn’t base one’s happiness on one’s friends. I’ve been ditched by my friends too many times and before I met them, I sort of learned to depend on my self. If I want to join an activity, I do it because I want to, and I don’t need company to do that.

It’s a scary experience I guess, that first step that you take to put yourself into a completely new and awkward situation. But yeah, I am going to do it, because relying on people just ends up in disappointment.

Is this even the right mindset?


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