a big salsa no-no


Had the most amazing fun yesterday at Salsa which was taught by my Venezuelan friend. This was my first class and so many mistakes were committed. The boys outweighed the girls 2 to 1 so they had to stand around waiting for partners while the girls had to do a rotation.

The basic steps were quite simple but I got confused when it came to the twirling. I also had a bit of difficulty catching the Spanish terms. There was something about a hammerlock, and BTL. Or a BLT. Or a BLR?

While going rounds, I had a feeling I was speed dating. 1 minute, hi 10, SWITCH. I went jumping from one guy to the next, my face flushed, and my hair looking like it had been tossled by a hurricane. Frankly, I felt overwhelmingly awkward, especially because each guy expected something different from me and I was falling all over the place.

I must have stared at my feet 90 percent of the time because

A) It was too awkward staring into my partner’s eyes (which he forced me to do at one point. His eyes were the clearest blue, but…still awkward)

B) I have the apparent inability to multi task and therefore staring at our feet was the only way I could keep in step. (I still remember brown pointy shoes, dark black shoes and many other men’s shoes)

Salsa, is apparently about having the guy as the lead, and the girl as the follower. Obviously my ‘enthusiasm’ was quite unnecessary and I failed being a follower because I said “okay let’s go” to my partner even before he was ready to go. He replied “No, you follow me. I say when to go”. Oops.

Another lesson I learned at the expense of my poor partner is that counting and following steps are not applicable to all guys! One must instead feel the music and follow where the guy leads.

Some partners took their time with the twirling, some partners weren’t concerned with the steps and sequence and some just insisted on making conversation with me while I was desperately trying to keep up with the music. Also a certain swedish man said I was “standing too close” but he “like(d) it”. Ehem. Kind of creepy. He was actually one of the few who did not look irritated with me HAHA.

I am so much better at hip hop.


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