My room is dark and my curtains are drawn. It has been raining since morning. 

I feel an uneasy feeling in my stomach. I lie down to sleep but sleep does not come even though I am tired. There is no coffee to drink.  I contemplate if I should go to Salsa tomorrow. My brain is filled with floating images of Gossip Girl – I would love to be one of Manhatten’s Elite. Would I trade my life of mundane struggles and normality for their fame, beauty and troubles? 

I watch videos about make-up and scroll through lookbook for fashion tips. Is it good that I do not feel the need to wear makeup when I go outdoors? Some girls say they feel naked without it. On the contrary, I feel artificial with it. My eyeliner is always not at the right angle. Maybe I should go for some classes.

I am quite famished but I am too lazy to go out to buy lunch.

I bathe too much.

It is almost 12. I need to get some work done.



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