these moments are finite

Doing work in my daddy’s room. I am sitting on his bed while he is snoring away with a pillow covering his head.

My daddy is old now and today will pass in a blur just like every other day.

This is the only way I can immortalise this moment.

I just want to remember this moment here, sitting in this air-conditioned room on his bed, glad in the fact that I am spending time with my father. I want to remember how grateful I am to have a wonderful family and a father who loves me unconditionally and will do everything and anything for me.

It makes me sad to think of a future without my parents.

Later on, he will buy dinner for me, my brother and grandma. Then he will watch some TV, go out with his friend and then fetch my mother from work.

These moments are finite.

He fixed my watch today too.

If only time would stop for all of us.


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