SHAPE run 2013

ImageI didn’t bring a phone so these moments weren’t captured.

It was my first competitive 5KM run, done alone. I had initially joined it with my buddy or friend, but because of the haze it was postponed to October. An option was to not go at all, something that my friends and family would tell me to do. But that wasn’t my style. Not anymore.

This was a challenge to myself, a new experience that I had to create.

My father being the lovely father that he is, woke up early to drive me to the place. I will always be thankful for the things he does for me, and this is just one of them, lest I forget.

Close to the starting line we did a warm up. It was fun, dancing. Around me was a sea of orange. I wondered about their demographics. What did they do everyday? Were they working women? Were they mothers? Were they teens or 20 year olds? Was this their first 5KM run? Were they doing it alone? And for what reason? They were strangers to me and of different shapes and sizes. But we all shared a common goal, of striving towards fitness, and this was comforting. All these women here were brave and all these women were wonderful.

We started off the run under the beautiful rising sun on Nicoll Highway, then turning back at Stadium Drive. How beautiful would this place be if the stadium had already been completed. As the route stretched on, more and more women started to walk. ‘Carry on! You can do this!’ – I wanted to holler. Who doesn’t like a bit of encouragement?

There were H20 drinks in the middle of the race. I didn’t stop for that although I wanted to. Carry on Stephanie, carry on.

We turned around opposite beach road. A guy stood at the side of the track high-fiving people. It was some sort of motivation to keep running and to run faster for the last kilometre.

34 minutes. Not a great time but it was okay. I took my time, I enjoyed the scenery. I enjoyed the feeling of running, and that was actually the most important thing. This was a race for myself.

One more thing off the bucket list. There are no photos to show I had been there, but I was.

And that is all that is needed.


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