I was just wondering…If we were to liken the act of ‘recalling’ into the physical process of digging out information from our memory bank, would it be true to say that the more we ‘dig’, the higher chance we have of obtaining that piece of information?

If that piece of information is deeply buried in the recesses of our mind, that is to say that it is not information gleaned from any recent occurrence, but rather one which we could have chanced upon months or years ago, would it be true that the more we try to ‘recall’, or ‘dig’ out that piece of information, the higher the probability that we are able to find it out?

What if we dug in the wrong areas of our brain? Say that information is centered in the middle, but we are digging sideways and so we reach the end of our cranium but we never get to that piece of information that we wanted. And since everything in our brain is squishing in and weighing down on the sides of the ‘shovel’, we eventually get overwhelmed by those annoying brain bits and get distracted. And so we leave our shovel stuck in that part of the brain or pull it out entirely to move on to other areas that might require a little less digging.

After months of wondering, it has finally come to me (whilst in the shower), that the American slang equivalent of ‘stoning’ in the Singaporean context, is ‘spacing-out’. Why I did not realise this sooner is beyond me, but I know I have been thinking about this for ages. Possibly two years.

Anyhow, I was just wondering.


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