Is it not terribly scary yet amazing that the internet provides us with a space to share a part of ourselves online? Our past and present, our hopes and dreams are scattered throughout this vast platform of information via photos, online statuses, musical preferences, videos, Facebook likes or blogs.

We are immortalised so long as this medium does not cease to exist. Others will be able to catch a glimpse of our existence even if we were not physically in the world. Those who had been part of our lives would be able to reminisce and reflect on our memory and even those who were not would still be able to get to know us, as if we were still alive.

And they too, when the time comes, will leave a part of themselves online – a manifestation of their soul, forever encapsulated in eternity.

This will apply to many others, to those before them and after and memories of individuals will traverse time and space.

Our lives online would serve as evidence that it is possible (and in fact, too easy) to leave behind reminders of our lives for people to remember us by.


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