Phuket in January

I am going to Phuket early of next year! (January specifically). As such, I have decided to start my healthy eating, regular exercising, sleeping early regime.

From tomorrow 13/11/2013, I will

a) Workout. EVERY SINGLE DAY (Meaning: Restarting the Insanity Programme. Shaun T would be glad to see me I think)

b) Reblog fitness stuff on Tumblr to keep me motivated

c) Religiously log my food intake onto myfitnesspal everyday

From next week 18/11/2013,

a) Change my diet by cutting out all soda and sweet drinks and sweet food and cake. (Which means I need to finish all my pop tarts and coke by this week)

b) I am going to stick to my ‘Vegetarian Tuesdays’

c) Drink lots and lots and lots of water. And fruit juice.




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