It is always a struggle choosing the most viable option just because you have stuck with it for so long and for the sake of practicality. Those who are blessed with a large availability of resources will have the flexibility to choose the much riskier option. Unfortunately, many of us are not, and are forced to conform to societal expectations. There is too much pressure to make the ‘right choice’, although that might not be the best one.

What happens to the people who fall through the cracks?

I recognise my love for writing and travel. I recognise my love for many things. My degree is but a safe cushion for me to fall back on. Although it might not be that safe because I am frankly quite uncertain on what I am going to do with it. I am fearful that these 4 years have been a waste, but I hope it will not be.

If I deviate into another industry, what are the options available? I do not want to spend my entire life wondering if what I am doing will maximize my experience in this world and whether I should be doing it.


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