New Year Resolutions 2014


So the year 2014 has arrived.

My new year resolutions are :

1. To maintain my fitness. 

Don’t want all the hard work I put into keeping fit go down the drain right?

2. Be more studious and productive

Totally wasn’t very productive last semester. Also, since this is my final semester, I need to get my CAP up.

3. Maintain friendships with my friends / Become closer to them

Have got a great bunch of friends now whom I love. Need to show them more concern and be closer to these individuals because I think they are awesome!

Also I need to learn to stop being so obnoxious when I’m happy

4. Be smarter

Need to read up on more things to increase my general knowledge cuz sometimes I feel really shallow talking to Masters or PHD students. I seem to have a lot of post grad friends :/

5. Spend more time with my parents and be glad about it

Need to spend more time with my parents because they love me so much and I should stop being a rebellious girl



Looking back on 2013


Looking back on 2013, I think I have done more in this year in University than any of the previous 3 years.


Spent the 1st day of new year at the Siloso countdown which is so uncharacteristic of me. Well not the dancing part but rather the fact that I kissed a COMPLETE STRANGER and even had a ‘relationship’ with that person. Momma would not be proud.

Moved into PGP! First time staying in school and being independent. I still remember the first time I used the washing machine I put in too much detergent that when the timer stopped and I opened the cover door, all my clothes were still more or less covered with soap and the entire glass door was covered with foam and dripping soap. I still remember the look of astonishment of the guy doing his laundry next to me. HILARIOUS.

Also got locked out of my room and panicked like crazy because I did all the illegal stuff like climb up the fire escape.


Busy with regular school and stuff but also met my doctor-to-be friend for the first time which was quite scary. He had been trying to ask me out for dinner or a meeting for AGES but I always refused. I don’t even remember how we came to know each other. But anyway, he was nice.

Also, took French Classes outside of University by myself for the first time!  This was something that I had always wanted to do so I did! Go Steph! Although I think the French teacher hated me because I wasn’t very extroverted.

March and April

Hella busy period of time with projects and school (as usual). Also got ditched on my birthday for the first time. Was upset, confused, and everything else. I had to think about my priorities too. It was hard to have to keep a secret relationship and everything was hard and complicated. But in the end I learned who really cared and who didn’t.


Started my internship at a company  (which shall not be named)  where I met the kindest and most hilarious colleagues on the face of the earth and interned with the nicest people on earth too. Meanwhile, I was kind of jaded and kind of sad and I thought about him A LOT.

Also went for my first CCA retreat. I jumped into this because I thought I needed to have some change in my life. I jumped into it without caring if I knew anyone and just went with my heart. I had an interest in international culture and I just did it . Turned out to be THE BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE!! 🙂


Went to my first ever Kpop concert thing . The Nu’est press con and subsequent concert! One of the members recognised me teeeheee 🙂


Went to KRABI WHICH WAS FRACKNG AMAZEBALLS!!! Snorkelled every damn day and ate all the chicken and thai pineapple fried rice and PANCAKES WHICH WERE TOTALLY ADDICTIVE!!!!

Also spent time with my good friends from JC :):)

Pipe burst in the middle of the night and we all freaked out because we thought it was a ghost! HAHAHA. I also donated several of my bracelets to the sea.


International student time!! This is when all the activities started and I litrally went out every single weekend being all awesome and singaporean. Met the most amazing two guys who have been helping me out with my stupid problems and being awesome in general 😀 GRATEFUL!


Went to the Singapore Media Academy where I got to sit at the DJ counter thing 🙂 Also took the most horrendous module called Einstein’s theory of …. I shall not name the entire module but I just wanted to say physics has no love for me 😦

Went for my first salsa class as well which I totally failed at. BUT IT WAS A GOOD EXPERIENCE! Organised ATW as well which was like my virgin experience organising events. So much hard work went into it but I made loads of friends and everybody helping me and guiding me were so nice and I really felt like I had a second family :’)

ALSO, GOT MY BRACES WOOOHOOOOOOO I had wanted to get it for the longest ever time!!!Kept smiling so much after i got them  because I’ve always had the lowest self esteem because of my crooked assed teeth. BUT NO CROOKED TEETH NO MOOOOO !!Thanks mummy and daddy for being awesome and paying for me :’)


More international student activities and movie nights! Started my intense workout routine with insanity which I dropped before Krabi because I thought I was getting too skinny.

Was also the start of dissertation (which I am still struggling with)


Preparation for examinations meant that I cut out all events out of my life but it was still okay since I had so much fun in the previous months 🙂


Worked two part time jobs. One writing christmas cards for 4 straight days morning to night to earn money (got a terrible headache out of it) and another at a blogshop which was pretty cool just that hours were kind of irregular and I didn’t know when I’d get to work next.

ALSO, SO MUCH SHIT HAPPENED this previous christmas week.

Friends backed out of trips and friends ditched me and somehow, somehow, god gave me a path to which I could follow and helped to solve the problems. I also discovered who my good friends were and those were the guys I met in my CCA who were so willing to give me advice and cheer me up. They were there for me and I am SO GRATEFUL :’)

Things may not have turned out the way I wanted them to be. Like for now, I won’t even be going overseas with my friends but instead going with my friend and her mother, which might be a bit awkward. AND, I might not be able to do the things I wanted to do. But a decision made is a decision made and I shouldn’t regret any of it.


2013 was pretty kick ass 🙂

I feel, that things have not been going my way. Even though the trip hasn’t been cancelled, I wonder if it would just be a better decision to have forfeited the $130. Besides, if I go and I don’t have fun, isn’t that a waste of a trip? Wouldn’t that be worse than not going at all? At least I can save money for shopping, or doing things that are more enjoyable to me.

Maybe it was just that the three of us didn’t have enough luck together. That’s why there were so many hiccups in the first place. But I hope it isn’t the case. I hope that we will be okay. 

A Question of Trust

When it comes down to it,

Who can you trust?

Who can you trust?

Your friends don’t like you and your work has gone bust

Who can you trust?

Your parents deny you and

God has hundreds of people to please, your worst

is not the worst yet, you have to wait

be patient, try not to combust

Who can you trust?

Without being afraid of complaining too much?

Who can you trust?

When you are sad and life is unjust

And your tears will cover an ocean bleeding over, slipping, over the earth’s crust

Who can you trust?

You are surviving but only just

These looks of disgust, you smile if you must

And there is no one you can trust.



Time and time again you have taken me for granted. And yet, I don’t know why I still trust you every single time.

I only meet you twice a year and in those two times, you cannot find time for me?

I don’t know why this friendship is even still intact. Am I being too nice to someone who doesn’t give a shit ?


I’ve been reading the blog posts of people so much younger than me and am jealous if not amazed by the quality of their life. That is not to say they do not have any troubles that comes with their age, but having youth itself is the greatest gift of all and I am glad they are treasuring it.

Being age 15 or 16, the future seems bright and flexible.

As we grow older though, we realise how little time there is left for us. And even if we DO Have time in our future, the people around us are getting older and there isn’t much time FOR them. At this point, you feel like you need to grasp every type of opportunity to make the time that you spend as meaningful as possible WITH them.

If only I had realised this sooner when I was younger.

I have also been reading “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie recently. I have realised that I get annoyed EXTREMELY easily, and that is not a good habit AT ALL.

Fundamental Techniques in Handling People

1. Don’t criticize, condemn or complain

2. Give honest and sincere appreciation

3. Arouse in the other person an eager want

One of the more interesting self-improvement books I have been reading recently 🙂