Something needs to be done


I just saw some photos that were taken of me during one of the media trainings that I went to, and,freaking,goodness..I.AM.A.FAT.ASS.

All along, I thought that after I came from Krabi I was thinner. That is how I looked like in the mirror. That is how I saw myself.

Those pictures made me realise though, that I am not all that slim and skinny as I thought I was. I hope to God that I looked really nasty in the pictures because my jeans were too low and I was wearing too tight a top, but pictures don’t lie and This is a wake up call. I really need to get my butt in shape ASAP.

But how could it be? That my weight has dropped and yet I look so, large?

Although looking back, this is sort of expected. Because, I haven’t been exercising regularly at all 😦 Come on Steph. If there is a will, there is way.


Those pictures just remind me that I do NOT want to look like that again.

1374741_687873031243366_1570693645_n 1474588_687870111243658_713015924_n

Seriously, what is up with this body?? 😦


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