New Year Resolutions 2014


So the year 2014 has arrived.

My new year resolutions are :

1. To maintain my fitness. 

Don’t want all the hard work I put into keeping fit go down the drain right?

2. Be more studious and productive

Totally wasn’t very productive last semester. Also, since this is my final semester, I need to get my CAP up.

3. Maintain friendships with my friends / Become closer to them

Have got a great bunch of friends now whom I love. Need to show them more concern and be closer to these individuals because I think they are awesome!

Also I need to learn to stop being so obnoxious when I’m happy

4. Be smarter

Need to read up on more things to increase my general knowledge cuz sometimes I feel really shallow talking to Masters or PHD students. I seem to have a lot of post grad friends :/

5. Spend more time with my parents and be glad about it

Need to spend more time with my parents because they love me so much and I should stop being a rebellious girl



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