Europe, I pretty much love you.

I love Europe. I do not know why. But I do, I do.

Maybe it’s the  idea of Europe that mystifies me. The grand idea of Europe gives me this immense yearning that cannot be quenched. No amount of travelling around Southeast Asia would do it. No amount of talking to international students would do it.

Sure, travelling to the beautiful beaches of Thailand might satisfy me for the time being, but it is only for a moment. Just a moment. But my mind will always wander back to Europe again, and I will start googling pictures of London, of Spain, of France again, and I will gaze in wonder at the exquisite images on the TV, and I will wish. Oh how I will WISH that I could be there, that I could live there.

What makes being here harder is that images and videos of Europe are all so easily accessible to me. It constantly reminds me that I am missing out on its beauty, and every second is wasted not marveling at its magnificence.

I still remember how I felt when I was in Europe 6 years back. I could sense that the air was different and within me was a surge of indescribable happiness. Uncontrollable and exhilarating.

How could one want to visit a continent again so bad?

Cue Savage Garden: “I knew I looooved you before I meettt youu…I have been waiting all my lifeeee


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