A night on holiday

I’m sitting here on the verandah just staring at the moon and the stars. I want to remember this scene forever, this peacefulness. I can see the black prints on the moon, it looks like a gray ship against a round white background. There’s a single cloud floating above it. I can hear the other people talking and great acoustic music playing in the background. Everything is so beautiful here. I wish I could take a picture but I don’t have the proper equipment for it. And maybe that’s good because how can one capture a moment so profound and so mesmerizing? How is one able to capture the beauty of staring at the stars, gazing at the lake, with the sky and the sea in perfect symmetry?

I am put in this particularly reflective mood. I know I haven’t been treating everybody that great and I am sorry that this holiday is coming to an end soon. It’s been too fast. I need more time like this, sitting comfortably on a deck chair and just staring at the stars. I need more time being this tranquil.

I’d totally be happy if I were to die today.


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