The reality of this situation is so frighteningly near. How many days pass by as we all stand in the train, shoulder to shoulder, waiting to get back home? How many sleeps do we spend thinking about the mercenary nature of our jobs? We used to look forward to many things, of growing older, of a possible occupation we might like. But now we dread more than we hope. Our goals in life take the form of paychecks and half used weekends, where we sleep in bed until noon and soon enough, the short weekend break is gone and Monday is here again.

Are all these worries worth it when at the end of the day you are just doing what everyone else has done? This to you now, may seem the most challenging task, but it is just a challenge you can overcome. For if you are so weak as to back down from a small challenge of pushing yourself, what can you do? Why stay comfortable when you can push yourself above and beyond what you expect of yourself? Push yourself and test your limits. Believe in what you are capable of, because you are far greater than you think you are and you think you can be.


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