Lost memories

I would say that if you want to know someone, you just have to take a look through their computer . You look through their browsing history, the files they keep, the pictures, the music albums, the wallpaper, and you’d more or less be able to decipher the type of person they are. I feel sad that so much of my life that I’ve placed in this computer is now gone. Perhaps it was my mistake for being so clumsy or my lack of affiliation with technology that resulted in this rather unfortunate incident. 

I have always had this vision in my head of me, as an old grandmother, showing my children and grandchildren pictures of my youth. I would be so glad that pictures could be so easily uploaded online and shared. It is of course, one of my biggest fears that the internet would one day be completely wiped out and I would have nothing left, because I was so reliant on technology and I would not even have a physical memory of what had been.