Should I be honest?

Reading through my old blog posts and wondering if some of my posts are considered offensive to some people. Of course some posts were written in a fit of anger, or disappointment. I may not necessarily feel the same way now, but if you think about it, at one point in time, at one point in my life, this was true to me. What I wrote, was what I honestly felt, and there was no need to be guilty here because no one was here to judge me.

I think being honest with our feelings and with ourselves is something that is difficult to do. There are so many posts and pages on here that are labelled ”private” because I don’t want people to know about them, and I never will have the courage to reveal them to people.

I think I struggle a lot with the notion of being truthful vs ‘trying not to offend anyone”. But if even in such a space, where I am at least, able to maintain SOME degree of anonymity, I cannot be honest, then how am I able to be completely truthful with myself?